Somto is a rising youngster that has stormed the music
industry with a bang (Fly Away), Australian based artist born to
Nigerian parents. Her motivational and inspirational music stems from
her desire to speak for the voiceless and influence social changes
through her lyrics. Just turned 13 last November, now has on single that
is slated to hit the waves on 15th of March, more singles to come
later. Her teaming supporters are teenagers and young ones, they
influence her lyrics a lot trying to instil positive changes in their
lives. She wants to be a good role model to a modern day teenager and
the pop culture. 
articulate, a distinction award winner in Australian Mathematics
Competition in the past. She is dedicated to changing the perception of
the Youngs in the world and social in justice, simply Put in this fly
away ‘ She wants to save the world from climate change and self
Somto has
featured in multiple film extras, modelling and dancing projects. It
will not be a surprise to hear she is also a good dancer. She brings the
blend of ballet and contemporary style to the dance floor. It is a
pleasure to listen to Somto’s lyrics.