Dr. Olakunle Churchill, Tonto Dike and King Andre Churchill

Following the lingering marital crisis between miss Tonto Dikeh and
her estranged husband, Dr Olakunle Churchill, which has been a
consistent topic on different social media platforms, it has been
revealed that the actress is sponsoring a particular blogger and social
media addict, Cutie Juls to aid her to tarnish the image and personality
of Dr Olakunle Churchill.

Our memories should be refreshed on the claims by Miss Tonto Dikeh
through her sponsored social media addict (Cutie Juls) that A customary
court in Abuja had finally granted miss Tonto Dikeh full custody rights
over their son, King Andre Churchill.

However, full details gathered revealed that on the 3rd March, 2019,
four days ago as claimed that there was no verdict from any Customary
Court as such should be regarded as fake and blackmailing news.

It could be recalled in 2016 through an Instagram video, miss Tonto
Dikeh revealed in an interview how Dr Olakunle Churchill was the man of
her dream, who actually drew her closer to God but reverted her words in
recent blackmails

Tonto Dikeh’s frame ups and blackmailing of Dr Olakunle Churchill was
triggered when Veteran Journalist Azuka who conducted Tonto Dikeh’s
first interview during her marriage crisis released video evidences
which countered all Tonto Dikeh’s claims against her ex-husband
including domestic violence, infections and other blackmailing

Cutie Juls a blogger and social media addict sponsored by Tonto Dikeh
has always being used to tarnish and jeopardize the social-economic and
psychological being/image of Dr Churchill.

However, Dr Olakunle Churchill, through Ace Solicitors has
stupendously taken legal proceedings and filed a Notice of Disclaimer
for the public to be abreast with right information and debunk any
information about a Customary Court verdict in Abuja on 4th March,
granting Miss Tonto Dikeh full custody right of their son, King Andre
Churchill. Dr Olakunle Churchill has being responsible for King Andre’s
financial provisions for King Andre’s general welfare and aspirations.

The Notice of Disclaimer from Dr Olakunle Churchill through
Ace Solicitors against all Tonto Dikeh and Social media claims can be
viewed and read below…..