A Newly wedded
lady has been sent to her early grave, after been battered to death by
her husband, And according to reports they just got married 19days ago,
Friends and loved ones have since been Mourning her on Facebook, One
Sharon Joseph wrote:

“I don’t want to post this not after typing hml to
you early last month now this, the news of your death is something I
refused to believe.. I called and called you this morning but no one was
picking my calls.. Back then in Annunciation Convent Ehime Mbano IMO
State… You were my best friend because of you and Ezinne Queeneth I
left my hostel and moved to yours because of how close we were. How can i
explain that after 19days of marriage you died with your baby still in
the womb as a result of domestic violence? Annunciation Convent most
especially 2009 set will miss you.. Rest In Peace Amarachi Emmanuela.”