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  • Mother of triplets shares more lovely photos...

Police Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Over Bathtub Incident

Police are said to be investigating an incident in a bathtub that left Bobbi Kristina Brown unresponsive.

Bobbi’s condition had seemed oddly similar to her mother Whitney Houston’s, who had died in a bathtub after a cocaine overdose.

However, recent reports have suggested that foul play may have been involved as she was discovered with injuries.

Police are reportedly investigating Nick Gordon, Brown’s boyfriend, who along with his friend Max Lomas reportedly discovered Bobbi Kristina face-down in the bathtub at her Atlanta home.

Despite their wearing rings and referring to each other as husband and wife in public and on social media, Bobby Brown’s lawyer said, in a statement to ABC News this week, that “Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.”

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