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  • Mother of triplets shares more lovely photos...

Why I Flaunt My Wealth On Social Media By Harrysong

Harry Song is one of those celebrities who flaunt their wealth on social media..From Cash,outfits,to his recently acquired hummer jeep.
He explained his reason to Nigerian Tribune I displayed the money I was paid for a show where I only performed for five minutes. It was one of the many good things God did for me last year. I am grateful to Him.

I think it is a personal thing for me. If I flaunt my wealth on social media, I do it because I have got what to flaunt.

I am not saying those who don’t display it don’t have. Sometimes you just want to appreciate God for what He has done for you and to encourage your fans, especially those who are going through some hard times that there is more to life to than what they are currently passing through."

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